Thursday, January 5, 2012

Starting 2012 as a Consultant (Again)

Thanks for checking out the blog of  I launched the concept of Greener Futures over ten years ago, in some ways, while I was providing environmental management and business strategy consulting services to a variety of organizations.  At the time, I was working through another consulting firm at Vice President of External Affairs.  We held research and leadership coaching assignments with the World Resources Institute as they looked to re-tool themselves from a 'think-tank' to a 'do-tank'), Con-Ed (in the development their Corporate Environmental Strategy), Toyota North America (with the US launch of the Prius), Holnam (as this major cement-maker wrestled with impending climate change pressures), and others.  This was a terrific experience.  I had the chance to work with, help, and influence the decisions of some of the first "chief sustainability officers" of corporate America.

Yet, while it was good work (and work I have continued to do in various ways most-recently with Walt Disney Parks & Resorts), it was clear that the learning curve and needs of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) was vast... and vastly under-served.  So the idea of Greener Futures was born.  The idea was simple: create a network of content experts to help those companies that wouldn't typically have the resources or drive to make voluntary environmental improvements, become more environmentally sustainable, and as a result, become more economically sustainable.  Let's find the best ways to help small and medium-sized organizations--businesses, associations, nonprofits, universities, and even smaller communities.  I focused my Doctoral research on this topic.  I focused the next ten years of my professional life in this area (both in leading a nonprofit organization with eco-certification programs for small businesses and through ongoing research, writing, and consulting).  And now, I focus a more concerted effort to provide this help as a consultant (again).

With the New Year here, it's time to start, well, anew.  I completed a January 1st Polar Bear plunge (40 degree water... brrrr) as a way to cleanse myself of the dirt and hypocracy of the past ten years of my professional life and be baptized (metaphorically) for the next ten years of driven, meaningful work.  Now, I start sifting through the opportunities, the options, and ways I can best realize the goals of Greener Futures.  Each month (at a minimum) I'll keep a log of what's going on and provide some tools and resources I've found that can help you and your organization.  It's an exciting time and there's a lot to do.  Always feel free to contact me with any question or provide your thoughts.

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